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Hey fam!
Let's bOOGie


Xxxx oDD NFTs
049+ hand drawn traits
09 legendary 0/0s

oDD bOOG is an art + utility-driven project co-created by ace visual dev artist Bryan Lashelle and SF-based 3D animation studio Aatma.


Visual characteristics are meticulously handcrafted, and designed to be as unique as you are. In total Xxxx oDD bOOGs will be minted!

oDD bOOG prides itself on being an original animated character based NFT on Web3.

What the bleep is a bOOG?

Well, it’s hard to pin down exactly what a bOOG is. bOOGs are a part of us all. They exist somewhere between your suppressed alter ego and a brain fart. Remember that time when the waiter said” enjoy your meal” and you said “you too!”? Oof… or the time you hopped into random car thinking it was your Lyft.


Why did you say that!? Why did you do that?!! Don’t we know better? Of course, we do, it’s not our fault, it was the bOOG. ---->



2. Free 2D Model for AR/VR


4. Community Wallet
14% of Royalties


1. Secondary Marketplace

3. Fun Airdrop

5. bOOG Merch

Medium & Long term roadmap will be driven with community input

Calling Creators


In-line with our credo to empower the creator community,

we aim to bring together, generate employment and work from within our diverse community of creatives + builders – through a to be formed Creator DAO! Seeking an oDD bunch of dreamers and doers from our community: 



Artists: 3D animators, character specialists, designers

Technologists: AI algorithm developers, blockchain full stack developers

Business Experts: Marketers, community managers and deal makers



Lets build top shelf stuff - characters, worlds, metaverse experiences backed by strong tech + marketing.

You’ll get to work alongside a rock-star team (below) that created the bOOG!


    Artist Led. Studio Backed.


Bryan Lashelle is an ace visual development artist and art director with over 20 years of feature animation experience. He is known for his contributions on Hollywood blockbusters - Lego, Shrek, Madagascar, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Book of Life, and Maya and the Three (to list a few) and a host of other TV commercials. Bryan has elevated oDD bOOG with stunning art and high fidelity visuals to the same level of any of the top-notch productions above.

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Aatma is a creative 3D animation studio from San Francisco, California. Being Character + World + Business  Builders at heart, Aatma is the custodian of oDD bOOG I.P.
The team has delivered stellar work over the past decade - from commercials for large brands such as Pepsi & StarWars, to producing high quality 'Apple Featured' mobile games, and clocking over 235 Million video views on YouTube.

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1. What is oDD bOOG project?

oDD bOOG is a character driven generative art + utility focused NFT project. 


2. Wen mint, what price, how much supply?

Mint date, Price will be announced on Discord + Twitter soon. Xxxx supply.


3. How many traits + What about rarities?

bOOGs come with over 150+ hand crafted visual characteristics with some super rare attributes.


4. Will there be a DAO?

Its part of the roadmap. A to be formed Creator driven oDD DAO will create and drive partial execution of the roadmap.


5. What's the royalty injection to the community wallet?

A % of the secondary sales royalties that oDD bOOG generates will be funneled into a community driven wallet.


6. What would you do for the creative economy?

Our credo is creator empowerment. We’d love to bring together and generate employment for a talented constellation of creative community from across the globe, through the oDD DAO. Let's create a phenomenal future together!


7. What is oDDverse?

oDDverse is an ecosystem - Character universe, Animated Storytelling and AR experiences.  We are building a quirky character universe built for Web3. bOOG is character #1 from the universe. The goal is to build a library of character I.P's that lends itself to animated storytelling and fun AR experiences in the metaverse. 

8. Info on smart contract token standard?

bOOGs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Contract address to be published.

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